Born to be Kings

A small private war

The party wakes early the next day and, taking some of the provisions from the bandit camp proceed south along the Thorn River. They find a very old rickety bridge and attempt to cross the river. The bridge proves too weak and Evie along with one of the spare horses fall in. Thinking quickly the bard Narobi casts a summon monster spell to bring a dolphin to help Evie make it to shore. The horse is lost however. At this point Amos recalls that he has the power to repair the bridge through the will of his god Erathis. He does so but the bridge now has a horse sized hole in the middle of it. The party is able to cross the river and finishes their exploration where the Thorn and Shrike rivers meet.

They are awoken early the next day to the sounds of fighting. Quickly mounting their horses the party comes upon an unusual battlefield. Two groups – one of 8 eyed, 6 limbed goblins the other of small blood red humanoid creatures with large eyes and even larger mouths of tiny, needle like teeth – are locked in combat with each other. The red humanoids seem to have the upper hand and wherever a spider-eyed goblin falls the red creatures leap upon it and drink its blood. Gnar and Char do not want to get involved in such a battle but they are out voted as Evie, Velianos and Amos charge into the fray attacking the red creatures first. The goblins, seeing they have new allies, redouble their efforts and they and the party quickly dispatch the foul imp-like creatures.



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