• Amos


    A human cleric of Arathis Amos has come to the Stolen Lands to bring the light of civilization to these barbarians.
  • Evangeline "Evie"

    Evangeline "Evie"

    Born to the saddle this human cavalier has taken up the bow and sword to carve a safe place for her family horse ranch.
  • Fawna


    An elven ranger sent by the Lords of Mithril in response to the party's plea for aid.
  • Velianos


    A human 'wizard' Velianos is quiet and withdrawn around strangers. His magic is very unqiue in Scarn and that is sure to bring attention his way.
  • Bokken


    Bokken is a hermit who lives near Oleg's. He is thin to the point of gauntness with wild unkept hairthat is usually partly burnt off. He is a known potion maker however and his potions always work as advertised - sometimes with peculiar side effects.
  • Corax Reski

    Corax Reski

    A crass logger full of swagger and bluster. He had a confrontation with the nixie Melianse that was solved by the party.
  • Cowel Smithton

    Cowel Smithton

    A rancher from the Golden Acres farmsteads he has emerged as a community leader amoung them.
  • Jhod Kavken

    Jhod Kavken

    A middle aged self proclaimed cleric of Tanil. He is here seeking his 'place' in the cosmos.
  • Kesten Garres

    Kesten Garres

    A soldier from Mithril Kesten has taken to the duties of Warden with relish. Often head strong and impulsive Kesten can always be relied upon to keep his cool when everyone else is losing theirs.
  • Kressle


    A reformed (?) bandit she was leading the bandit camp at Thorn River. She has since thrown her lot in with the party.
  • Oleg Leveton

    Oleg Leveton

    A gruff, proud frontiersman Oleg has come to the Stolen Lands to help build civilization in the untamed wilderness
  • Orek/Buck


    A former bandit whose memory was erased by a pixie arrow. He has been convinced he works with the PCs against the bandits.
  • Prevalish


    An adult farie dragon with blue, red and gold butterfly wings and a strong sweet tooth he is fond of practical jokes that sometimes take on a sinister air.