Born to be Kings

White Hands and a New Dawn

With Yellowclaw defeated (despite the best efforts of the party to convince him to work with them) and his loyal Orcs slain and scattered the party quickly journeys back to the Orc warcamp. There they find a smoking ruin. All of the Orc tribemen are dead and their goblin retainers fled. The only survivor turns out to be the Orc shaman himself who rises out of the pit the Orcs were digging looking for the relic that had drawn them there in the first place. Carrying a black and evil looking spear in his chalk white hands the shaman launches himself at the party and great battle ensues. During the battle Nadia manages to disarm the shaman and this proves his undoing. Deprived of his magic spear the shaman’s defenses crumble and the party quickly overwhelms him.

Unfortunately Nadia picks up the spear and immediately contacts a variety of diseases that progress to their advanced stages within minutes. Thinking quickly Amos uses his healing skills to stave off death and Nadia lapses into a coma. It would be 2 weeks before she awakens. When she does the first settlers from Mithril have finally arrived bringing with them a massive store of materials and good from the party’s benefactors. Construction of the first settlement in the Stolen Lands has begun and the party has chosen the site of the old Stag Lord’s Keep on the banks of the lake as their capital henceforth to known as Waterford.

Here ends the first chapter of the Born to be Kings campaign



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