Born to be Kings

White Hands and a New Dawn

With Yellowclaw defeated (despite the best efforts of the party to convince him to work with them) and his loyal Orcs slain and scattered the party quickly journeys back to the Orc warcamp. There they find a smoking ruin. All of the Orc tribemen are dead and their goblin retainers fled. The only survivor turns out to be the Orc shaman himself who rises out of the pit the Orcs were digging looking for the relic that had drawn them there in the first place. Carrying a black and evil looking spear in his chalk white hands the shaman launches himself at the party and great battle ensues. During the battle Nadia manages to disarm the shaman and this proves his undoing. Deprived of his magic spear the shaman’s defenses crumble and the party quickly overwhelms him.

Unfortunately Nadia picks up the spear and immediately contacts a variety of diseases that progress to their advanced stages within minutes. Thinking quickly Amos uses his healing skills to stave off death and Nadia lapses into a coma. It would be 2 weeks before she awakens. When she does the first settlers from Mithril have finally arrived bringing with them a massive store of materials and good from the party’s benefactors. Construction of the first settlement in the Stolen Lands has begun and the party has chosen the site of the old Stag Lord’s Keep on the banks of the lake as their capital henceforth to known as Waterford.

Here ends the first chapter of the Born to be Kings campaign

The Past Through Tomorrow, Part 2

With the sacrifice complete Bluud was able to open the gateway to the catacombs. Winnowwill, her hench…beings and the party descended into the black depths. After several harrowing encounters with undead they were able to retrieve the Eye of Night. However upon their return to the surface they find that Bluud has organized the entire village against them and demands the party fight along side them to eliminate the fey threat. The party is indecisive for but a moment then throw in their lot with Winnowwill and her minions. With that the party members affected by this encounter are yanked back into their own reality bare instants since they left. As they come back they her a soft, melodic voice say “Very interesting.”

While they were in that other reality the party noticed that while their outward appearance was quite different than normal they all had the same abilities and skills they have now – also the treasure they picked up in that otherwhen somehow came back with them. What this all meant may never be known.

The Past Through Tommorrow Part 1

Just prior to the final confrontation between the party and Yellowclaw’s Orcs 4 members of the group experience what can only be described as an ‘out of body’ experience. While discussing what their next move would be having found the Orcs investigating the site of the party’s skirmish with the first Orc band nearly a week prior Velianos, Evie, Amos and Nadia all suddenly found themselves somewhere…somewhen else. It happened very quickly and they were very confused as a group of primitively armed and armoured humans appeared before them demanding to know where the ‘others’ were. The party, thinking quickly, managed to bluff the humans, led by a druid of some kind named Bluud until a group of fey arrived on the scene. A dryad of some kind along with 2 what could only surmised to be dwarfs. The dryad introduced herself as Winnowwill to the humans after glaring at the party (possibly she wanted them to introduce her). Through careful questioning the party discovers that the fey and the humans are at war with one another and the humans seem to be on the losing end of it. They complain of lost children, slaughtered tribesmen and dead livestock while Winnowwill states that the humans have intruded upon the burial site of something called the Eye of Night. The party has been called upon to act as mediators between the two groups being known for their fairness and dealings with fey.

The party decides to return to the humans’ village to see what and where this Eye of Night is. The village shows a remarkable level of sophistication in defense, agricultural use and building construction. This is juxtaposed by the use of bronze swords and flint-head arrows. Bluud leads the group to the underground chambers recently discovered by his tribe. He explains that his tribe has been living here for over a century to which Winnowwill claims prior ownership dating back ten times that long. While no one has opened the passage to the underground catacombs Bluud says he believes he knows how it could be accomplished. The party asks him to do so. Bluud then proceeds to sacrifice a young girl and use her blood to open the stone doors! Horrified the party finally realizes that Bluud is a Druid of Mormo!

The Fate of Yellowclaw

the following is an except from the remains of a journal found in the ruins of the Orc warband camp. It is believed to be Yellowclaw’s personal record of his tribe but only the last few pages were recovered oddly they were written in Ledean(the common tongue of the divine races)

…the humans make war upon each other. According to my scouts the ones at the old stronghold have been defeated by the newcomers. I fear they will be coming for us next – the mindless hatred they have for my kind will drive them to confrontation. It is inevitable.

3-31-56OC Janiak visited me again today. His ‘flock’ grows daily and he counts nearly a third of the tribe as his. He betrays this tribe and I will not allow it. Not into the clutches of Yurtrus. He sent a group into the forest to find an ancient ruin he insists is there. He cares nothing for the Quest nor how many lives he squanders in his mad schemes. I cannot just kill him – his standing as shaman would mean holy war within the tribe itself. There must be a way though. This obsession with White Hands – it is wrong, his time is done and he must not return to this world.
two pages were missing at this point – they appear to have been torn out

4-3-56OC Something has happened. The patrol Janiak sent out never returned. There are many reasons this could have happened but the most likely is they have run afoul of the humans and their allies. I do not like leaving the camp at this juncture – Janiak is close to something here…I know not what. It matters not Vangal will guide me to those who murdered my tribesmen. And I will kill them all.

while translation between Old Calender dates and New is difficult at the best of times these dates correspond to just 2 days before the party encountered Yellowclaw and his Orcs in the Greenbelt near the headless statue

At the Stag Lord's Keep

Over the next 2 weeks the party encountered several groups and denizens of the Greenbelt some hostile like Tuskgutter the massive boar and the undead inhabitants of the Temple of the Elk and some benign like the captured pixies the party freed from the Green Hag’s lair. Ultimately the party’s trail leads to the Stag Lord however and, with the aid of the small Pixie group and their sleep arrows (and a pair of memory-erased former bandits) the group breaks through the keeps defenses, killing and subduing the bandits (and a rather angry Owlbear) as they go and even manage to recruit a former bandit lieutenant named Akrios until the finally confront the Stag Lord himself. Obviously suffering from the effects of drink the Stag Lord proves to be more bark then bite and is overwhelmed by the party and their allies. The Stag Lord’s father however….

Deep underground the group discovers the father of the Stag Lord a demented, twisted creature once human. He had the abilities of a druid but of a far more bestial and primitive nature than Gnarjaiek. Like the Stag Lord he refused any quarter and the party was forced to slay him as well.

With the Stag Lord defeated, his bandit group killed or captured (or recruited) the party returns in triumph to Oleg’s and the word is spread back to Mithral of their success. Over the following week the party loots the keep of the Stag Lord and orders some much needed equipment from Mullis Town trough Oleg’s contacts. Knowing that they still need to deal with the Orc warband the party, after re-quipping and recuperating at oleg’s, sets back out to deal with them.


Leaving ‘Z’ the Xorn behind in the cave they discovered earlier (Z tells them it is a gold deposit even unrefined it will serve as food for him) the party soon discovers the remains of a yet another river crossing. This one appears to have been a ferry/barge system with a strong rope strung between the two banks. Now the barge has been smashed and all that is left of the ferryman’s cottage is a burned out shell and a broken sign proclaiming it to be ‘Nettles’ Crossing’. Amos decides to ring the bell still on its hook and to his surprise a creature begins to rise from the water. Once human this water soaked, rotting creature is obviously undead but having learned from previous encounters not to judge all things by their appearance the party holds off any hostile action as the creature moves across the surface of the river as easily as if it were solid ground. He says in a bubbling, eerie voice “You are not my tormentors. Throw the Stag Lord’s body into the river that I may look upon his death or join me instead.” Oddly none in the party sense any true hostility from the creature whom they find out once was Davik Nettles who was killed by the Stag Lord, his home burnt and his ferry destroyed. Davik is now a creature of vengeance who desires only the Stag Lord’s death that h might be freed of this cold life he now endures. The party promises to do as he asks at which point Davik returns to the river.


The end of the month of Corot proves to be a quiet one for the party as they discover only a strange cave with glimmering deposits on the walls. Not able to deduce what they are seeing they nevertheless make camp and spend the last day of the month in relative comfort.

Returning the next day to the Old Sycamore the party finds the area much changed since their last visit. The flora and fauna in a wide area around the tree is either sickly or non-existent and the group decides to delve deeper into the chambers they know are beneath the ancient tree.

Inside they discover that the centipedes have taken over including a monstrously huge one – surely the mother of them all. The party is hard pressed in the fight with Evie nearly being killed as she was forced to fight the creature nearly single-handed as its spawn cut the rest of the group off from her. Fortunately the party’s tenacity and teamwork paid off and the insect horde was vanquished.

Deeper into the caverns the party discovers a strange rock-like sphere that proves to hold a tiny sized Xorn! The creature is weak and sickly but Nadia & Velianos take turns nursing it back to health. The bizarre creature apparently derives sustenance from metals and they feed it many silver and gold coins. Further exploration of the area turns up the location of the hidden cache to which the group had found a partial treasure map from the lair of the trap door spider. Within they find a spellbook, coins and a wand.


Exploring the Greenbelt

With the conflict between the Blood Sprites/Tartuk and the Spider-Eyed Goblins ended the party turned its attention to more fully exploring the Greenbelt and its environs. To this end for nearly 3 weeks they mapped and examined many areas of the Greenbelt encountering several notable inhabitants listed here;

Prevalish & Tyg-Tutter-Tut the fairie dragon and grig who were in the midst of playing ‘pranks’ on the party when the sharped eyed Druid, Gnarjaiek, spotted their hidden nest and confronted them. The party was able to earn the fey’s trust by being good sports about the pranks (despite Amos nearly being brained by a falling branch) and offering them some sweets & alcohol. Later the party came across the body of a foul mouth trapper named Breeg who fell afoul of the pairs pranks being crushed in his own, somewhat cruelly designed, trap.

2 unnamed goblins who tried to sneak into the party’s camp late one night as they camped near the western edge of the Greenbelt. They were quickly captured and begged for their lives. The party took pity upon the creatures and asked to be taken to their encampment on the fringes of the Greenbelt. To the party’s surprise the encampment was a heavily defended warcamp of some 50 odd orcs with the goblins being treated as servants. The party cautiously approached the warcamp and, at the goblins’ suggestino sent only Amos and Gnarjaiek to meet with the camp leader – Chief Yellowclaw. Amos was bluntly refused admission to the camp but Gnar was allowed to meet briefly with Chief Yellowclaw. He was a monster of an Orc standing nearly 7 feet tall and heavily scarred and muscled. His right hand was twisted and deformed into a near skeletal claw coloured a sickly yellow. When the chief became enraged at Gnar he grasped Gnar about the neck and lifted him bodily from the floor with only one hand. Gnar smelt a strong odour of sulfur in the air as Yellowclaw did this and strange greenish vapour curled around Gnar’s head – seemingly coming from Yellowclaw’s misshapened hand. Yellowclaw threw Gnar out of his tent but not before GNar found out some important details about why the orcs were there. They were seeking something (likely a weapon) seen by Yellowclaw in a vision sent to him, he claims, by Vangal. The orcs want only to left in piece and made it very clear they will broke no interference from the party or their allies in their holy quest.

A Small Private War Part 3 - Inevitable Betrayal

The party arrives at the Spider Eyed Goblin lair only to find a less than warm reception waiting for them. They are met by Tartuk who quickly takes them to his chambers to present them with their reward. On the way the party and Tartuk are intercepted by agents of Chief Silkweb who ask that they all accompany them to the main audience chamber. There Chief Silkweb and Tartuk have heated argument which ends with Silkweb accusing Tartuk of betraying his clan and, with a timely accusation by Amos of Tartuk being responsible for the Blood Sprite problem, starts a civil war between Tartuk and Silkweb’s loyalists. Tartuk miscalculates however and summons Blood Sprites into the chamber openly by smashing the statue of Sharptooth. With all hands turned against him Tartuk is eventually overwhelmed and his Blood Sprites banished.

Later as Tartuk’s effects are being looted a journal is found that details Tartuk life before he joined the Silkweb Clan. It turns out Tartuk was born a halfling or cowardly and cruel disposition who was reincarnated by a group of villagers who mistakenly thought Tartuk had died defending them from Ogres (in fact Tartuk went to sell out the villagers but the Ogres were the swing-first-don’t-worry-about-questions-types). By a quirk of fate Tartuk came back as a spider eyed goblin a race he loathed with a deep passion since they had destroyed his childhood home and slain most of his family & friends at a very young age. Tartuk used his new form and Sorcerous talents to become the shaman of half a dozen tribes of Spider Eyed Goblins leading each of them into more and more deadly encounters with various enemies. He only found the statue and discovered it summoning properties recently but made full use of its power to all but destroy the Silkwebs.

Confronted with this evidence of Tartuk’s betrayal the Silkwebs pledge to help the party where they can and offer up the contents of the silver mine and Tartuk’s treasures as proof of their good intentions. Ultimately the Silkwebs would like to find a home for themselves in the Greenbelt itself as cave living is not to their liking. They are expert weavers that use silks from special moth-like creatures they are capable of harvesting. The party promises to keep this in mind as they clear out sections of the Greenbelt for habitation. As a final gesture of good will the Chief sends Mikmek, his only son, along with them to act as an ambassador.

A Small Private War Part 2

The party follows the Spider-eyed Goblins back to their lair which turns out to be an old silver mine. They are escorted to a waiting area for a few minutes until the tribe shaman arrives. Named Tartuk he is a purple coloured goblin adorned with charms and bangles galore. He asks if the PCs would be willing to retrieve the tribe’s holiest relic from the Blood Sprites. It is a marble statue of the patron deity of the tribe, Old Sharptooth. Tartuk promises the PCs the entire contents of the old vault of the silver mine some 200 lbs of raw silver ingots. The party agrees and quickly makes their way to the Old Sycamore tree where the Blood Sprites make their lair. Tartuk described it as a place of power. Inside the party encounters multiple groups of the Blood Sprites as well as their giant centipede pets. They also manage to rescue a Spider Eyed Goblin named Mikmek who agrees to help the party as much as he can.

The party avoids the lair of what they only assume is the ‘mother’ of the centipedes and instead concentrate on wiping out the Blood Sprites as Mikmek warns that if even one survives they will be able to summon more of their kind every sunrise. The party is victorious and returns with Mikmek to the Spider Eyed Goblin’s lair in triumph.


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